Friday, 7 November 2014

Add volume back to your hair

Heyo Pretty galz

Dont we all love va va va volume to our hair and shiny lustrous hair ? we all do :)  I so totally hate it when my hair lacks volume which is why i decided to share this simple remedy to add back volume to your hair .

All you need is :-

  *Essential oil


*Take 3 eggs and seperate the yolks from the whites .
* Beat the yolks and add 3 drops of essential oil like rosemary or lavender .
* Massage this all over hair and then wash off with a mild shampoo .
* Now beat the whites well and rinse hair with the entire potion followed by a double rinse with plain water .

Hope you guys find this helpful

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Make up picks for this Season

Heyo Pretty Galz

This Season I ve been loving dark. .plum/wine shades and I see a lot of celebs rock the look ...I just decided to share with you guys the shades I have been loving....And plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lemme know more Plum/ Wine shades options in the comments below and share your fav shade too


Maybelline super stay 14 hour - Please stay Plum Lipstick

The Quickest way to bring a change to your regular makeup is trying out a new lip shade ...all it takes is a swipe of color on your lips to look sexy and confident.


     Lakme 9 to 5 long wear nail color-  berry business  
     Wanna rock a trend but too shy to wear bold lips ?  Just treat your nails to a new shade and show your hands some extra love by using a good moisturizer.
Images - None of the pics  belong to me

Thursday, 16 October 2014

My simple skin care routine during breakouts

Hey pretty galz

Don't we all dread the time when we have a big event or a sweet date coming up and we wake up to find ACNE !!!!      UGHHHH :(    :(     : ( 

I thought I would share my skin care routine during breakouts lets get started

Before a big event I do not like to experiment with any new products as I fear it will make my breakouts even worse. So I jz stick to a very simple skin care routine with the help of products I trust with all my heart.

1. The first thing I do is wash my face with a gentle yet effective face wash and what better than Clean & Clear , it helps prevent oily shine and PIMPLES .

2 .   Next I spritz on some rose water for a cooling toning effect.

3.   During breakouts I increase my intake of water . I ensure that I drink more quantity of water so that I stay hydrated and I make sure I stay away from SWEETS

4. I then apply a face pack consisting of besan , a pinch of haldi and water. Besan helps absorb excess oil and turmeric clears blemish marks and helps in healing acne faster . This face pack also gives skin a healthy glow .

5. Lastly I apply VICCO turmeric skin cream . Yes this is one product I always go back to when ever I have breakouts and I find this very effective.

    For quick healing/ spot treatment I dab on some talc powder on the zit before I go to bed.  Talc also helps absorb excess oil.

    So this was my simple skin care routine before a big event . I hope you guys find it helpful

Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Hello pretty galz :)

So, I know I was away for long but now I am back and I am back with a haul ........

     And here are the bunch of amazing stuff I got for myself


1. Ferrero Rocher    - Rs 335

    Need I even talk about this ? Ferrero Rocher is such a treat and works as an amazing gift for your loved ones or even for your self.   (  stingy me , I got dz for my self )

2. Sour punk -   Rs 35    

    Guys you gotta try this sour punk , mine is in cola flavour and it has got the perfect sharp sweet sour taste to it.

3. Bracelet - Rs 399

I was at Archies and I saw this really pretty bracelet in pink and I was like Oh my gosh I gotta purchase this pretty lil tin.....   Yup I was that happy and I wear it a lot these days....

4. Nail Polish remover - Rs 39

   I purchased this nail polish remover at Health & Glow and this place is like my one stop shop for all my make up and skin care purchases , they come up with really amazing deals and offers .

5.  Nivea Essential lip care balm - Rs 99
  How could I miss out on a lip balm ....I AM A HUUUUUGGGGE LIP PRODUCT JUNKIE .
and I love to show my lips some love. This lip balm contains jojoba oil and shea butter both amazing to moisturise ur lips.

6. Colossal Kajal + Color show

I love the color show range from Maybelline , wide range of colors and affordable . Priced at 75 and this one is in the shade name CHOCO SIN  ( tempting na ? he he he I got it after reading the shade name )

7. Sure dry shield roll on - Rs 45

I 've been using this product from a year and I always go back to purchasing it. It keeps me dry and fresh all day long.

  SO which one was ur fav product from the haul ? lemme know in the comments below

Monday, 16 December 2013

Happiness and Good Byes

Hello pretty ladies :)

I aint writin any beauty related post , I jz wanted to share my happiness and memories with you all...I  decided to quit and give my self a nice long break from working  where I can enjoy and relax to the fullest.

I've been loving going to bed every day without setting up an alarm at 6 , So relaxing and peaceful :)

On my last working day my frenz gave me THIS AMAZING STUFF :-

Books, magazine , A biiiig mug , a cute card , a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates and lots of memories :)
I love love  love reading books , I could spend my entire time reading books and not get bored. The chocolate box went empty in less than 2 days ha ha ha .... I aint a big chocoholic but I jz could not resist my self to these .....
That's al gals I ll post another article soon ...Oh wait a minute I found this really awesome sketch on the Internet  I thought it ll be good sharing this sketch too
I love this sketch , its by KRISTEN WEBB and you know what guys this is my current wallpaper .
Love you all :)
The above sketch does not belong to me

Sunday, 1 December 2013

D.I.Y. Cucumber Face Pack

Heyo beauties :*

First of all I'd LOVE to wish you all a very happy December , this is my fav month and I thought I would welcome December by sharing a simple D.I.Y to keep your skin smooth , fresh and hydrated in winter.

What I really like about this pack is , it is very simple and all you need are just TWO INGREDIENTS , this pack is just perfect for a lazy girl like me....


This pack will help to keep your skin hydrated, smooth, gives a fresh glow and makes your skin feeling refreshingly cool.


* 1 cucumber
*  1 Tbsp Sugar


1. Peel a Cucumber , cut it, mash and make a paste .



2.   Add 1 tbsp. of sugar to the mashed cucumber and mix well.

3.  Place it in the refrigerator until cool.

4. Apply it to your face and leave it on for 15-20 mins .

That is all you need galz... This pack is that simple and quick , try it and I hope you love this pack as much as I do.

Love you all :*


Saturday, 16 November 2013

Stay beautiful this winter

Heyo Beauties :*

No matter what the reason what ever be the season we jz wanna look our pretty best . Its winter time and we face major issues with our skin going dry and irritating. I'm gonna share what I do when itz winter time to keep my skin healthy and happy.


Take a little quantity of sugar & pour a few drops of honey [ enough mixture for your face and lips ]. Now take this mixture & apply on your face , scrub in circular motion. This removes dead skin build up and keeps you lookin radiant.
    Exfoliate 2-3 times a week.


Moisturize your self from head to toe soon after you get out of the shower . The one I love the best for winter is Vivel Body lotion, skin feels so well nourished and richly moisturized.

3. SPF

Sunscreen is a must even in winter , don't forget to step out without sunscreen and its better if we carry a small pack of moisturizer with us for our face . I prefer Nivea Soft coz it contains Vitamin E & Jojoba oil, both these ingredients are best to give you a soft supple skin.


Our scalp tends to get really dry and itchy during winter , give your self a good hot oil massage atleast once a week so that your hair is beautiful and nourished .

         5. Lip balm

It would be a sin forgetting this product. We love our lips and winter we just need to love them lots more, don't let your lips get chapped , use your fav lip balm and make sure even before you go to bed you seal your lips with lip balm.
Don't let the winter dryness make you any less beautiful continue to glow drink lots of water and stay hydrated . LOVE YOU ALL