Saturday, 28 September 2013



In this fast pace life we all want instant results. Some of us are just too busy and find no time so we look for products which promise instant results , so just sit back and read my article I' ll show you 2 simple ways that would help you achieve soft lips INSTANTLY !!!!

  Exfoliation is the key to soft lips.

  1. Sugar and Honey Scrub.                                                                                                 
         OK so the name itself is pretty self explanatory . These 2 items can be easily found in your kitchen so you need not purchase any thing from outside. Take a little quantity of sugar like half a spoon or even less and add a lil honey , now apply this mixture on your lips and gently rub in circular motion or just trace and rub your lips with this mixture . Leave it for 10 mins  [ resist yourself from licking :p ] and wash.

2.   Brush away.

   All you need is a baby tooth brush [ because it has soft bristles and wont be harsh on your lips ]  and Vaseline petroleum jelly or any lip balm of your choice. Apply a thick coating of Vaseline / Lip balm & let it sit on your lips for 3-5 mins . After this brush , yes, brush your lips . It removes away dead skin and exfoliates leaving behind soft kissable lips.

   Try any of the method as it is super easy and quick ,not just the task but the result too.


Thursday, 26 September 2013

Body shop -Vineyard peach review

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Shower Gel & Body Lotion.

I did not purchase the entire Vineyard Peach Collection as such I just got my self 2 products from the collection.


Vineyard Peach Shower Gel.

  Thinking peaches already ? You' ll smell like one too !!!!. Squirt a lil bit on your loofah & you are ready to smell fruity & delicious .

      Net Quantity - 250 ml
      MRP - Rs 395/-

Vineyard Peach Body Lotion.

Done with shower ....Now what ??? ...moisturize moisturize moisturize your body. Give it a little fruit treat & what better fruit than peach. The body lotion comes in a pump bottle and it moisturizes your skin amazingly.


 Net Quantity -250 ml
 MRP -Rs 595/-

 I had tried the Strawberry Collection before but I must say I AM IN LOVE with the peach fragrance. I re-apply the body lotion on my palm and neck so that I smell delicious and fruity through out.

Let me know which fragrance you like better

Strawberry ? Vanilla ? Shea Butter ? Raspberry ? Cocoa

Saturday, 21 September 2013


These are the 7 beauty essentials you need for college:-
  • Sunscreen-   With spf 15 , don't forget to re-apply before you step out.
  • Face wash- Carry a face wash to remove any excess oil or dirt and to basically freshen your self up .I recommend Clean & Clear Face wash .
  • Kajal- A little bit kajal on your lower eye rim area can change your look , so just carry a pencil for touch up
  • Lip balm- I love keeping my lips moisturized and hydrated , no one likes chapped lips so make this product your quintessential. You could choose your favourite from a variety of lip balms available.
  • Blotting sheets- These are basically oil absorbing sheets, its super inexpensive and very handy ,I  use the ones from Clean & Clear.
  • Comb- YES , we all wanna look presentable so we need a comb to style our hair and keep it tangle free.
  • Mints- Carry a pack of mint to avoid bad breath or just pop in a mint after lunch.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Fix eye make up in a jiffy

Dip a cotton swab in make up remover and trace it along your lids to erase any slip ups
/mistakes/ smudges when there is no time to re-do your entire make up look.

Honey for your skin


Mix together an egg white and a tablespoon honey .Apply this mixture twice a week and leave it on your face for 15-20 mins and wash. You will notice the difference in your skin tone.
Cleanse your face with a cleansing milk ,take steam so that the pores open and now apply warm honey on the affected area of black heads/white heads ,leave on for 10 mins and rinse off with clear water.