Saturday, 21 September 2013


These are the 7 beauty essentials you need for college:-
  • Sunscreen-   With spf 15 , don't forget to re-apply before you step out.
  • Face wash- Carry a face wash to remove any excess oil or dirt and to basically freshen your self up .I recommend Clean & Clear Face wash .
  • Kajal- A little bit kajal on your lower eye rim area can change your look , so just carry a pencil for touch up
  • Lip balm- I love keeping my lips moisturized and hydrated , no one likes chapped lips so make this product your quintessential. You could choose your favourite from a variety of lip balms available.
  • Blotting sheets- These are basically oil absorbing sheets, its super inexpensive and very handy ,I  use the ones from Clean & Clear.
  • Comb- YES , we all wanna look presentable so we need a comb to style our hair and keep it tangle free.
  • Mints- Carry a pack of mint to avoid bad breath or just pop in a mint after lunch.


  1. Thank for your sweet comment on my blog!

    My essentials are,

    Face wash,
    of course a wide toothed comb,
    lip balm for sure,
    wet tissues,
    Kohl and
    gums, sometimes!!

    1. Yo welcome Gowthami and thnx fo takin time to share yo beauty essentials