Tuesday, 14 October 2014


Hello pretty galz :)

So, I know I was away for long but now I am back and I am back with a haul ........

     And here are the bunch of amazing stuff I got for myself


1. Ferrero Rocher    - Rs 335

    Need I even talk about this ? Ferrero Rocher is such a treat and works as an amazing gift for your loved ones or even for your self.   (  stingy me , I got dz for my self )

2. Sour punk -   Rs 35    

    Guys you gotta try this sour punk , mine is in cola flavour and it has got the perfect sharp sweet sour taste to it.

3. Bracelet - Rs 399

I was at Archies and I saw this really pretty bracelet in pink and I was like Oh my gosh I gotta purchase this pretty lil tin.....   Yup I was that happy and I wear it a lot these days....

4. Nail Polish remover - Rs 39

   I purchased this nail polish remover at Health & Glow and this place is like my one stop shop for all my make up and skin care purchases , they come up with really amazing deals and offers .

5.  Nivea Essential lip care balm - Rs 99
  How could I miss out on a lip balm ....I AM A HUUUUUGGGGE LIP PRODUCT JUNKIE .
and I love to show my lips some love. This lip balm contains jojoba oil and shea butter both amazing to moisturise ur lips.

6. Colossal Kajal + Color show

I love the color show range from Maybelline , wide range of colors and affordable . Priced at 75 and this one is in the shade name CHOCO SIN  ( tempting na ? he he he I got it after reading the shade name )

7. Sure dry shield roll on - Rs 45

I 've been using this product from a year and I always go back to purchasing it. It keeps me dry and fresh all day long.

  SO which one was ur fav product from the haul ? lemme know in the comments below